alt. org

alt. org will present a set of practices that all attempts to reimagine bodily construction -it’s a dance towards the inorganic. It’s a place where decomposed bodies collides and new bodily organizations occurs. 

The work is concerned with how theoretical and physical knowledge is produced and experienced in an experimental process. Here this is done through superimposing different choreographic tools and materials.
Through the use of scores and frameworks the performers are occupied in a process of how to circumnavigate and short-circuit always re-occuring movement patterns. These processes will be exhibited live on stage and is a part of the performance.

”Then you will teach him again to dance wrong side out, and this wrong side out will be his real place.”

Sebastian Lingserius attended the master program in choreography at DOCH headed by Mårten Spångberg. Sebastian’s latest piece “Ofas” (2011) was created in collaboration with Weld in Stockholm. Ulrika Berg studied at DOCH. Ulrika has worked with Deborah Hay, Rasmus Ölme, Anna Koch, Eszter Salamon/Christine de Smedt among others, and has an ongoing collaboration with the internationally based group Lesley. Love Källman has worked with choreographers such as Björn Elisson, Malin Elgán and Vindhäxor. Both Sebastian Lingserius and Love Källman have studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet School. Josefine Larson Olin has a background in the visual arts and studied at Balettakademien. Josefine has worked with among other artists Tove Sahlin, Anna Koch and Rebecca Chentinell as well as Stina Nyberg, Helena Stenkvist and Tova Gerge in the collaborative form Bermudatriangeln. Josefine received the danceWEB scholarship 2009.
Lighting design by Johan Sundén, currently studying at STDH. Illustrations are made by 2 typer, (Sepidar Hosseini & Moa Schulman) both previous and currently studying at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. Also, a big Thanks to Allison Ahl and Tommy Lexen.,