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A piece that rethinks the definition of a Mover. Both in dance, and in society.
A particular kind of chameleon, transforming and shape-shifting without being responsible for its outcome. A movement lover, a nomad and a proposer. A cowboy lost in space, a wolf-pack speaking Chinese, and one hour of non-stop dance.
With and by Sebastian Lingserius, Love Källman, Allison Ahl, Dan Johansson

Funded by the Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm City Council

one of several…

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…truly New can ONLY emerge through repetition. What repetition repeats is not the way the past ”effectively was,” but the virtuallty inherent to the past and betrayed by its past actualization. In this precise sense, the emergence of the New changes the past itself, that is, it retroactively changes (not the actual past – we are not in science fiction – but) the balance between actuality and virtuality in the past.

reading, thinking, moving…

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Becca Wood has something to say…
coming to our senses


unmoved mover, reverse it?

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The unmoved mover (Ancient Greekὃ οὐ κινούμενον κινεῖ,[1] ho ou kinoúmenon kineî, ”that which moves without being moved”) or prime mover(Latinprimum movens) is a monotheistic concept advanced by Aristotle, a polytheist,[2][3] as a primary cause or ”mover” of all the motion in the universe.[4] As is implicit in the name, the ”unmoved mover” moves other things, but is not itself moved by any prior action. In Book 12 (Greek ”Λ”) of his Metaphysics, Aristotle describes the unmoved mover as being perfectly beautiful, indivisible, and contemplating only the perfect contemplation: itself contemplating.

Go Marty, but don’t trust our intentions!!

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No artist in the history of country music has had a more stylistically diverse career than Marty Robbins… Read more >>


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We are born in Europe.  We have worked within show-dance, musical, jazz dance, theatre, film, advertising, contemporary dance, choreography, performance, physical theatre, music video, arts-research during a total of 82 years.
We were educated at the Royal Swedish Balettschool and Balettakademien in Stockholm, aswell as at Lasse Khülers Dansskola.
We have throughout our career so far written and published a sea of texts, taken part in seminars, held lectures, thought, mentored, curated, driven and produced artistic projects, danced, travelled, moved others, been moved, moved and performed, in places such as Norrköping, Gävle, New York, Härnösand, Luleå, Kiruna, Haparanda, Västerås, Örebro, Göteborg, Malmö, Uddevalla, Linköping, Växjö, Jönköping, Köpenhamn, Vara, Nagoya, Paris, London, Edinburgh, Oslo, Bergen, Kairo, Trondheim, Kristianstad, Tromsö, Stavanger, Berlin, Barcelona, Tokyo, Yokohama, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Orange County, Newcastle, Florens, Warsaw, Saint Petersburg, Murcia, Blanca, Brighton, Helsinki, Umeå, Bath, Leeds, Glasgow and Brussels, Yanagida, Toronto, Las Palmas.
We have travelled by foot, train, bicycle, car, tandem, rollers, skateboard, ski, airplane, running, walking, taxi, buss, metro, underground, jogging, and horse riding over the sibirian mountains.
We have worked with people such as Ulrika Berg, Birgit Cullberg, Deborah Hay, Per Jonsson, Kenneth Kvarnström, Cristina Caprioli, Margaretha Åsberg, Staffan Eek, Ivan Ossoinak, Dorte Olesen, Carl-Olof Berg, Malin Hellqvist Sellén, Mårten Spångberg, Mikael Nyquist, Malin Elgán, Ina Christel Johannessen, Anna Koch, Douglas Dunn, Tor Lindstrand, Billy Goodson, Charles More, Roger Johansson, Jan Åström, Phineas Newborn the 3rd, Emilio Ingrosso, Lars Bethke, Vito Ingrosso, Jocke Hövel, Björn Säfsten, Sebastian Lingserius, Hofesch Scheshter, Anna Grip, Tove Salmgren, Babis Harall, Stina Nyberg, Rasmus Ölme, Björn Elisson, Love Källman, Jorma Uotinen, Marie Fahlin, Dan Johansson, Eva Lundqvist, Rebecca Chentinell, Anna Pehrsson, Tommi Kitti, Allison Ahl, Frederic Gies, Sanna Söderholm, Ofelie Ortega, Richard Günther, Mårten Traavik, Lisa Torún, Ernst-Hugo Järegård, Susanne Reuter, Tommy Körberg, Björn Skifs, Janet Jackson, stina ancker, Richard Herrey, Peter Jöback, Pernilla Wahlgren, Camilla Henemark,Tommy Nilsson, Eva Roos, Jean-Louis huhta, Temptations, MC Hammer, Janet Jackson, Milli Vanilli hahahaha, Andreas Karperyd, Roine Söderlund, Staffan Götestam, Brian Eno, ZovietFrance, Anna Ådal and more.
On 9th and 10th we are here for you.