Reflections on idiocy, sloth and cracks…

Reflections on idiocy, sloth and cracks (entangled with notes from seminar with André Lepecki):

A comment on idiocy from the perspective of modernity, where idiocy is entity, and the figure of modernity is the idiot. The idiot is a private author, a locked up unit that does not have an osmosis of affect or matter in collectivity. Here, the skin is a country border. The division between bodies, body and mind is a reactionary configuration, since division individualizes, categorises, labels and simplifies what could be a complex organism or universe in constant becoming. Deleuze claimed that one is already a pack. Espinosa also asked what the body can do – for instance, my corporeal body together with the body of the theatre MDT, or the body of a dance ensemble, or the body of our current government, etc.

The idiot is not to be confused with the stupid; the Beavis and Butthead-type character, who reacts with ”whatever” to everything that happens and follows apparatuses’ agendas without any agenda of her own. That philosophy we could call the philosophy of release technique. In release we accept the force of gravity, use it to fall aestheticised and effectively, so that muscles can be as passive as possible. And as Zizek wrote: ”passivity is the most violent thing of all.” Ballet activist Elizabeth Ward added: ”release technique is the most violent thing of all.” Nietzsche also mentioned good and bad slothness. The later could be described as ”laziness without a cause”. 

When bodies or apparatuses crack, we have the possibility to acknowledge new becomings. Cracks are uncontrollable, unexpected events impossible to plan or foresee, and are the way out of idiocy. Cracks can be desired or undesired, but pre-conditioned through creating zones of discomfort for an apparatus, where its structure can be renegotiated, and eventually crack.