a multi-organized body is more stable

A large variety of life forms coexisting is good for stability. Stability is then not static, but an (immanent) continuum – think of a rain forest. Anything static will not ever continue…

If ‘life form’ can be understood as ‘way of living’ it gives us: a society where there is numerous ways of living your life will be better for the ones in it (of course) AND it will be better for parallel existence, surrounding nations: because it’s stable. The more complex (and by that self-sufficient), the less need for expanding or praying/exploiting it’s surrounding. At the same time it will be more open to influences and have less need for protection, borders and closedness.

The more homogeneous something gets (and by that more effective) the faster it will – not only be able to but – need to expand. And the opposite goes: if we want expansion – growth – we will need homogeneity and conformity.

Mimesis – Methexis – Effexis 

By creating a physical practice where we copy what we assume is the physicality of magnets, we represent a multi-organised body that effects us as performers and thereby propose a that body.