Sebastian Lingserius is a freelance choreographer/dancer based in Stockholm. Educated first at the Royal Swedish ballet school and later finishing a Master in choreography at DOCH (lead by Mårten Spångberg).

”[…]alt. org can be viewed as a live process in the art of avoiding all patterns, hierarchies and functions of the body, space and choreography. […]It is a physical experiment that affirms the transient in existence, or associative trying out different life forms emergence and survival. […]a philosophical work which cleverly twists the concept of evolution and the perception of nature and man.” – Anna Ångström, SvD 26/11-2011.

As a choreographer he desires to re‐think life and and its physical forces. Always critical to how the gravity impacts the body, as much as how cultural projections curtails the body. With a smile to the never ending hunt for trend, Sebastian turns to the bastardization of conservative norms, speculations on another body, always choosing a healthy distance, but always ready to be a true believer. Considering his work to be involved in the fabrication of new rules for the body and its behaviors.

“Rare are – and I don’t recall an example here – performances in which the very movement genesis is considered to be writing /écriture/ in the Derridean sense, or taking into account the rules and laws that underly any (cultural) production. Dance-makers whose work is driven by an urge to produce a new dance language often conflate this language with ’”speech”, the expression of the personal, spontaneous, often also romanticized, hidden, inner self. Sebastian has emerged as a choreographer who seeks out the writing of choreography, because art develops when its rules change, so what else can a choreographer who is seriously committed to the art of choreography do than try to set up other rules?” – Bojana Cvejic (lecturer and PhD researcher in contemporary dance and performance)

In 2011 Sebastian founded the company KASS produktion (between 2010-2016 it was co-run together with Allison Ahl). A company which all his choreographic works has been created, in close collaboration with venues such as Weld, MDT, and The House of Dance in Stockholm. Sebastian has been dancing and choreographing the last 18 years, training bodily and mental muscles on equal terms, he considers dance as a means to reimagine the human subject.

Nefeli Oikonomou is a dancer/choreographer/ dance pedagogue/performing artist from Greece, based in Sweden. Her work is characterised by an enigmatic and almost philosophical approach to movement and a strive to locate it in uncommon places, contexts and bodies. Nefeli graduated Dance in Athens (MoC) and Design in Siros (UoA), she has completed her Master’s degree in Choreography at DOCH and the interdisciplinary post graduate course Organizing Discourse at Konstfack University. She has produced various works, such as Punks Not Dead, The Art of Laboring, Rhymes of Pleasure, CFT with performances in theaters both locally and internationally. In addition, she curated Pracrising Transitions Festival (2016) in Wip Konsthall in Årstaberg, Rhymes mini ‐ festival (2017) and In an act of weaving Festival (2022) in Weld which invited many artists with performances, open discussions, exhibitions, film screenings and workshops. 

Franz Edvard Cedrins Creative director, composer & sound artist based in Stockholm. He studied fine arts and media at Dramatiska Institutet / STDH in Stockholm and composition at London Royal Academy of Music / EMS and has since then as a composer presented work at Norrlands Operan (SE) Dramaten / The Royal Dramatic Theatre (SE) Sveriges Television (SE) Sveriges Radio (SE) Bonniers Konsthall (SE) BBC (UK) Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde (SE) Gallery Berlin (DE) National Theatret (NO) Steirischer Herbst (AU) SSG Los Angeles (US) among other places.

Noah Hellwig is a freelancing dance artist who is working in contexts of extended choreography, contemporary dance, performance art, baroque dance, interactive performance and interactive media. His own choreographic work has focused on participatory and interactive performances, immersive environments, mixed-reality performances, reflections on dance and music history, somatic and subjective perspectives on experience and movement, as well as working with different approaches of embodying relationships with technology.

Allison Ahl Dancer, performer and producer, has freelanced within the field of dance and choreography since 2005. Allison was co-producing KASS activities between 2010-2016, and a strong force both on as well as off stage. With a strong interest for performative practices regarding precense and awareness, movement and gesture. She has worked and collaborated with swedish and international choreographers in Stockholm, Paris, Malmö, London, and is increasingly interested in attending work that seeks to produce rather then simply represent. She has performed four pieces by Sebastian, and has an ongoing collaboration with Björn Säfsten and will attend his next piece ”Language Fools”.

Ulrika Berg Works within the field of dance and choreography with Stockholm as her base. During the last years she has worked with among others Deborah Hay, Rasmus Ölme, Anna Koch, Kajsa Sandström, Kristine Slettevold and Mårten Spångberg. She is currently attending the master program New Performative Practices at DOCH where she takes an interest in the notion of practice, questions of gaze and the relation between thought, action and perception in dance and performance. She performed the last two pieces by Sebastian.

Josefin Larson Olin Works as a dancer as well as production partner with a speciality on choreography and text production. Josefine is currently attending the master programme for new performative practices at the University for Dance and Circus in Stockholm, and has performed the last two pieces by Sebastian.

Kim Love Källman Has worked with choreographers such as Christina Caprioli, Björn Elisson, Malin Elgán and Vindhäxor. Both Sebastian and Kim Love Källman have studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet School together.

Johan Sundén Educated at Stockholm Academy for Dramatic Arts, BoA programme: light design for Performing arts. With a background as technician throughout the field of dance in Sweden, he\’s trying to figure out the differences between the genres of performing art, if there are any. As a light designer he has worked with amongst others: Viiala/Fransson, Carl-Johan Karlson and Carl-Olof Berg.

A bit of a nerd.

Tommy Lexén As a Director, Writer and Designer Tommy’s focus is in working with contemporary performances, interdisciplinary/intermedial work and new written plays telling stories that matter both on a social and political level. He has worked with several multicultural companies and venues in UK, Sweden, Hungary, Russia and DR Congo.He trained at Stockholm’s Academy of Dramatic Arts (DI) and also studied Performance Studies at Stockholm University. In 2010 Tommy moved to London to further develop his directing skills at Central School of Speech and Drama (MA in Advance Theatre Practice). For his postgraduate research, he explored the concept of Cross-border Theatre, focusing mainly on international companies in London and Berlin.Tommy is now based in London and is one of the founding members and the Artistic Director of BeFrank Theatre Company.Tommy has worked with Sebastian in many projects assisting the creation/conceptualization of stage sets, to cutting video trailers, among other things…