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05 dec

Made As Three

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Three pieces during the same evening. All in different locations of a theatre space. They will present, re-produce, transform, and repeat a variety of choreographic materials and frameworks, to give examples of dance in the process of becoming. Everything from sports, candy, cut of arms, and city organs, the evening will be nothing like a oneness. By de-centering our bodies in different spaces, an attempt is made for a body/community yet to come.

Sebastian Lingserius attended the master program in choreography at DOCH headed by Mårten Spångberg. Sebastian’s latest piece “” (2012) was created in collaboration with MDT, and before that he did pieces such as “Non-Phase” (2012) and “Third Phase” (2011) in collaboration with Weld. Recently his interest has been drawn to the construction of different body practices and their affectual relation to the observer. Ulrika Berg is working within the field of dance and choreography with Stockholm as her base. During the last yeas she has worked with among others Deborah Hay, Rasmus Ölme, Anna Koch, Kajsa Sandström, Kristine Slettevold and Mårten Spångberg. She is currently attending the master program New Performative Practices at DOCH where she takes an interest in the notion of practice, questions of gaze and the relation between thought, action and perception in dance and performance. Allison Ahl dancer and performer, has freelanced within the field of
dance and choreography since 2005. With a strong interest for performative practices regarding precense and awareness, movement and gesture. She has worked and collaborated with swedish and international choreographers in Stockholm, Paris, Malmö and London, and is more and more interested in attending work that seeks to produce rather then simply representing. Allison has worked with Sebastian in his previous pieces ”Tredje fasen” and ”ofas” at Weld in Stockholm in 2010 and 2011. She has also an ongoing collaboration with
swedish choreographer Björn Säfsten and will attend his next piece in 2013Josefine Larson Olin works as a dancer as well as production partner with a speciality on choreography and text production. Josefine is currently attending the master programme for new performative practices at the University for Dance and Circus in Stockholm. Johan Sundén light designer currently studying at STDH. Victor Saiz sound composer for one of the pieces, worked with among others Björn Säfsten.

This project is supported by MDT, The City of  Stockholm, and Innovative Culture. But could not be done without the research project Threefolded, that was done in during 2012 in collaboration with Dance Centrum South, Dansehallarna in Copenhagen and the House of Dance in Stockholm. That research was supported by the Arts Grant Committee.

05 okt

sitting man

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18 aug


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15 aug


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01 aug

loose beginnings

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…weak beginnings and loose ends. Quotes from different books 🙂

01 jul


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Imagine a map of the earth that shows the continents, with the coastlines and so on. That would be an Extensive map. They are based on length. They are final products, things already done and finished.

An Intensive map is a map you see every day at your television in your meteorological report, you know, when you’re checking out the whether. You have the zone of high and low pressure. A place where process is constantly occurring, where intensive difference give birth to form.

Manuel Delanda, Deleuze and the Use of the Genetic Algorithm in Architecture

30 jun

An Intensive body-map

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…this piece theorizes architecture as a self-actuating or creative agency for the liberation of purely “impersonal effects.” Imagine a chemical reaction, a riot in the banlieues, indeed a walk through a city.

30 jun


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29 jun

Deleuze Dictionary

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…Quotes from Deleuze Dictionary. (


…we need to practice our immaterial bodies, and our material will.

quote during rehearsal.
27 jun

laying man

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26 jun

a small critique

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A joyful sidestep… (a candy, not yet eaten)

25 jun

new titel

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25 jun

new titel

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