There are many movers out there. Some are kin to the wind, some are drifting from place to place, and some have just past. But there are others…

A piece that re-imagines a mover in dance, as much as and in society. Think of the chameleons on the streets and the beaches, transforming and shape-shifting accordingly to their social surrounding. This, but much better, we think that the movers of the future are changing through different flows of material and immaterial actualizations. That they produce something that skews the understanding of how everyday interaction and logic needs to be dealt with. And at the same time seems to cover it all up, but you won’t miss a thing. A moment, a mode and practice particularly fitted for a movement lover, a nomad or even a proposer.

A cowboy lost in space, a wolf-pack with flow, and a bonfire going bananas!

“What if one could start from a clean slate, clear the present of concepts, definitions and fixed ideas about things. To put the mind and body in a new movement, without preconceived interpretations and old values..” – Anna Ångström, Culture reporter for The Swedish daily paper, 10/09-2015

Project supported by: The Swedish Arts CouncilThe City of Stockholm.
Premiered at MDT in Sthlm Sept 2015. Also presented at Konserthuset Västerås, and in Inkonst spring 2016.

The premises the piece is performed in are wheelchair accessible.,