This is a choreographic video art project (to be exhibited in theatre-foyers, in dance studios, in museums, or live-streamed from a stage). As corona-safe as possible. To present dance, but outside of a filled up theater.

The installation includes three transparent projection surfaces that cross each other in a complementary way, and make people’s heads move. The first projection surface starts and presents a dance workshop, for the audience to follow. The second projection surface shows a lecture, where iconic movements from Pina Bausch to William Forsyth to Jan Martens are described and analyzed. On the third projection surface, Neo Ballet’s various misunderstandings are presented. Everything from offering tea with your outstretched (pointed) foot to dressing up in arabesque.

The project wishes to go through important moments in dance history, descriptively and clearly go through different ideologies of dance development, until today. To further introduce distortion and abuse of the ballet-we-know. Misunderstandings that introduce new fantasies about the ballet of the future (or should we call it Neo Ballet). When a filmed workshop turns into a filmed lecture that turns into a filmed ballet-performance, what is gained for the audience in relation to knowledge and new associations? Can this expanded interest from the audience turn into a new understanding of the neo-classical ballet and create a fascination for where it possibly can go?

The work wants to reformulate what it means to watch neo classical ballet. To fabricate an inbetween, where is the line between contemporary choreographic dance exploration and the clearly recognizable neo-classical ballet?. A work that wants to make the audience fantasize about something ”new”. A choreographic work which includes a filmed lecture, a filmed workshop, and a “useful” ballet. The composer Franz Edvard Cedrins will depart from country music, classical music, techno-rave, elector-acoustic and harmonic piano.

Together with the artists Caroline Byström, Nefeli Oikonomou, Franz Edvard Cedrins and Katrine Johansen, the body of ballet, its techniques, representation, language, politics and power structures will be scrutinized. This is a dance speculation for the future of post-Neo Ballet, with three filmed dancers for 2021.

With & by: Sebastian Lingserius
Sound design  & composer: Franz Edvard Cedrins
Scenography, costume: Sebastian Lingserius
Photo and artistic consultation: Nefeli Oikonomou
Producer: KASS Production

The project is funded by Kulturrådet, and travel through Konstnärsnämnden.

Warmly  Welcome To Experience the Installation In –

– Stenkrossen Lund v24-v30
– Step In Tyresö v31-v32
– San Cresci Italien v33
– Södertälje Stadsscen v34-v35
– Ö2 Södermalm v36-v37
– Dieselverkstaden Nacka v38-v39

Premiere of the live-show 11th of June in Blackbox Stenkrossen Lund (live-streamed also),