KASS (lead by choreographer Sebastian Lingserius) is a company and a platform that produces choreographic projects. Mostly for the context of the theatre, but also Site specific work. KASS is a country. Not through geographical borders, but through shared interest among collaborators, for thinking about how the body can be proposed differently. This doesn’t necessarily only mean a human body, but a body of thought, a body of shared organs, and the body of different people coming together for significant corporeal topics.

We are right now –

-creating a new piece for both stage and gallery spaces. Collaborating on two different projects with the artist Andjeas Ejiksson, and the group Poste Restante. Developing the structure and initiating future projects for our space SAND Dancestudio.

I AM BALLET a piece for two dancers, premiere in WELD Sthlm in early spring of 2024.

the isolated bone, together with the artist Andjeas Ejiksson we’ve been creating a video -installation for MINT art gallery (vernissage 23 of Nov). Live-installations will happen on 20th, 24th, 27th of January and 3rd of February 2024.

General Public, dancing Swanlake (Siegfried’s death) with the group Poste Restante in Hägerstens Medborgarhus during the whole of November 2023.

At the moment we are also keeping this projects in the pipeline for further tour:
DaAnnNCeeR an installation with six dancers presented in outdoor spaces. Read more!

SAND Dancestudio is the new place for contemporary dance/choreography in Sthlm that I founded together with my colleague Nefeli Oikonomou during 2023. We are now developing its dna and projects related to this space is coming up in the spring of 2024.