KASS (lead by choreographer Sebastian Lingserius) is a company and a platform that produces choreographic projects. Mostly for the context of the theatre, but also Site specific work. KASS is a country. Not through geographical borders, but through shared interest among collaborators, for thinking about how the body can be proposed differently. This doesn’t necessarily only mean a human body, but a body of thought, a body of shared organs, and the body of different people coming together for significant corporeal topics.

We are right now –

– working with four parallel projects, one for the stage, and three that takes place outside of the theatre room.
Neo Ballet Project is a video installation. Robots in Workshop is a dance class with and by our robot Alphy for kids at 6 years old. DaAnnNCeeR is an installation for ten dancers that will be presented in outside gyms. during the autoum of 2022.